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 We aren’t all the same and it’s beautiful. We have different style of dress, taste, figure, height, and even whether we prefer warm or cold. Each of us is unique, so together we’ll go through a brief instruction on how to choose the perfect tights for yourself. Size ½ or ¾? 20 DEN or 60 DEN? What do the individual materials that make up the tights give? What about the finish of the tights? So many questions, and in my article you’ll find all the answers. Step by step I’ll tell you how to choose the perfect model for you.

Size – how to choose the right size of tights?

A properly selected tights size is the most important step in the selection of tights. It depends on this element, whether the tights will slip or unsightly roll. Each of us chooses shoes, dresses, blouses and panties individually - in the same way should be given the choice of tights.

To properly adjust the size you need to know:
- height
- weight
- hip circumference

Below are sizes given by the Marilyn brand in two versions depending on the product.

 Tights  MARILYN


 Height   CM/FT,IN"

 Weight    KG/LBS

 Hips   CM/IN"


140-165 / 4'7"-5'4"

40-60kg / 88-132

88-102 / 34"-40"


140-172 / 4'7"-5'7"

50-68kg / 110-149

90-112 / 35"-44"


150-178 / 4'11"-5'10"

53-75kg / 116-165

100-120 / 39"-47"


160-185 / 5'2"-6'1"

58-85kg / 127-187

110-130 / 43"-51"

               Tights / Stockings / Leggings      MARILYN


Height   CM/FT,IN"

Weight   KG/LBS

Hips  CM/NI"

1/2 (S/M)

140-165  / 4'7"-5'4"

40-60kg / 88-132

88-102 / 34"-40"

3/4 (M/L)

165-178 / 5'4"-5'10"

50-75kg / 110-165

90-120 / 35"-47"

Each time, look at the size on the website or on the packaging.

On the example of my dimensions:
- 165 cm height
- 50 kg weight
- 88 cm hip circumference
My ideal size is 2 or ½. Now it's your turn - be sure to check your size.

The thickness of tights – what is this whole DEN?

I’ll reveal to you the secret of the whole DEN. DEN or denier. DENIER is a unit of linear density of synthetic fibres used in the production of tights and stockings. This means that the DEN marking informs us about the density of the weave of the fibres, i.e. their thickness. The thinnest tights are 6 DEN, while the thick are for example 100 DEN. Now you can easily guess that 6 DEN are super thin tights and 100 DEN are super thick.

- 6 - 12 DEN - an ultra-thin pantyhose, invisible or barely visible to the eye. Tights that work well in situations when we need to have them, but we don’t want it to be conspicuous.

- 15 - 20 DEN - slightly covering tights that are perfect in the warmer days, when we need to participate in official situations, that require our legs were not bare.

- 40 DEN - tights with a weave that is more covering and gives warmth on colder days. Perfect autumn-winter tights for the office, for official meetings, for private meetings, for shopping - just everywhere. My favourite tights thickness.

- 60 - 100 DEN - is strongly opaque tights, perfect for a chilly fall or winter. Tights will be a great addition in official and private situations when the weather won't spoil us. Sometimes friends ask me how I do it, that I wear dresses and skirts all year round - tights of this thickness are the answer.

Material – what tights are made of?

Have you ever wondered what material tights are made of? What guarantees their durability, flexibility and warmth? It's also worth taking a look at tights from this side. The Marilyn brand uses the highest quality materials to celebrate women's legs, highlight them and wrap them in luxury

The main constituent material of the tights is Polyamide. Polyamide is a synthetic fibre responsible for the durability of tights. Its most important features are resistance to bursts and abrasions. Thanks to polyamide, tights don’t stretch too much. This is a particularly important element in the case of tights with patterns that thanks to polyamide look beautiful in smaller and larger sizes.

Elastane is in second place. This is a special friend of women's legs. Thanks to it, tights perfectly adhere to our legs, emphasizing their beauty. In addition, it’s elastane that protects our tights against loss of form after washing or after many hours of wearing.

In the composition of Marilyn tights we also find Cotton, which is a natural fibre. Thanks to cotton, tights provide extra comfort. Due to its natural origin, cotton, guarantees free air circulation and also absorbs moisture. Cotton is most often used to create tights with a larger DEN index, i.e. thicker tights.

Finishing – the most important is what you can’t see

Remember! Finishes such as the toe part, seams, can't be visible from under clothes or when wearing peep toe shoes. If you wear a tight dress, the belt can't cause oppression on you, cause you know how it ends? Unsightly "fat sides" appear.

The answer to everything above is the Marilyn brand, which is the master of finishing tights. My opinion results from a lot of experience with different tights. Thanks to Marilyn, you are guaranteed an elastic waist belt that adapts to your figure. Many models are finished with a lace belt with silicone, so the tights do not slip. Most tights have a reinforced part on the toes invisibly, which in addition to aesthetic values, has practical values - tights stretched on the legs are often damaged in these places, but not these from Marilyn.


Colour, pattern... and we are approaching shopping

My favourite part. It remains to choose the colour and / or pattern. Remember, not all tights match all styles. The most important rule is refined elegance. Following this principle, you'll always look like a million dollars. Remember that fashion begins with the legs I wrote about the selection of colour and pattern in earlier article ' to which I cordially invite you.


Do it now, point by point

1. Rate your size according to the table on the packaging or the website

2. Adjust the thickness of the tights to the season, occasion, outfit.

3. Choose the material from which you need tights

4. Choose a tights finish to suiting your outfit.

5. Choose a colour, pattern.

In my closet there are currently about 100 pairs of tights with a pattern + about 20 pairs of plain tights. Do you believe? I couldn't believe, and what is the best, I wear all of it many times. Therefore, I can safely guarantee that I know what I write about tights.

Now you know everything that is necessary to choose the perfect pantyhose. You’re ready!!!

I can't wait to choose something beautiful for my collection. AND YOU?

If you like my article feel free to share and of course any comment is welcome.


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Justyna Chudzik                                                           
I’m woman, wife and mum.
Tights are my hallmark and hope to inspire others with my passion.
I’m inviting you to my world of tights, but have to warn you - this world, may turn out your world too:-)

Justyna Chudzik is an author and a fashion expert at Luxury RoseShe writes to inspire and educate readers on women's fashion. With over 2 years of writing experience, Justyna brings a lot of knowledge and practical tips to her work.

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