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How To Choose The Right Bra Size?

15/09/2019 14:03:20

Monika Kawka 

Monika Kawka

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My article is dedicated to all women who have ever had problems choosing the right bra size. Through this blog, you wil find how to properly measure and calculate the bra size. I described a few basic types and you will also find some interesting facts. I believe that this article would solve many issues related to the style or size of bras.

Wearing a well-chosen bra is the best thing a woman can do for her boobs. Not only for aesthetics but also health reasons. We do not think about it on a daily basis. We do it only when we feel discomfort due to uncomfortable bras. In the past there were only four sizes of bras, today there are several dozen of them. Now we have a chance to choose the most perfect bra.

How to getting your bra size?

measuring type

Prepare a sewing measure.

Step 1

 Stand straight place the measuring tape horizontally, directly under the breasts applying light pressure to the body, on the exhale.


      Band measurement: 30 in"

Step 2

 Measure yourself around your back and the widest point of your breast at the height of the nipples, loosely.


        Cup measurement: 33 in"

 Step 3


  •         round both measurement to the nearest whole number
  •         the obtained result from step 2 subtract now to the previously obtained band measurement from step 1
  •         the difference between those two results determine the size of the cup
  •         each inch difference equals to another cup size:  1inch - A; 2inches - B; 3inches - C etc.


The difference between the cup measurement and the band measurement:

 33in" - 30 in" = 3 in" that give the cup size C

Step 4

To get your band size simply add 4 inches to it or if it is odd number add 5 inches to get your band size.

Example: Size band: 30+4=34" 

You can also use our help table or bra size calculator.

Remember that the bra size you get is the approximate. It often happens that women with the same boobs size should wear a different bra size because they vary in shape.

The ideal bra is easiest to find by trying on several different bras in similar sizes and different designs although the size may vary between brands. In ‘Luxury Rose’ we understand how important is well fitted bra so we offer free delivery and free returns.

Perfectly fitted bra.

It is worth taking time and find a bra that would perfectly fit.

It seems that if you can not see it under clothing, it is not so important and this is a mistake. Even the most fashionable dress would not look good when you would be wearing the wrong bra size.

For example a too small cup, forming on the breasts "buns", or too loose bra would not support bust. Unfortunately, so many women wear poorly fitted bras which definitely is very unhealthy.  A good bra provides comfort, improves the appearance and protects the bust. Perfectly fitted bra is frame for your boobs!!!

Here you have four basic features of a perfectly matched bra.

1. There should be no spillage at the front of the cups or under your arm


2. Redness spots underneath your bust, on the ribs or shoulders means that your bra is too tight.


3. If straps sliding over your arms means the band, cups or both size are too big.

The band size should be adjusted that you will fit two fingers under it – with a little resistance but not too loose.


4. The bra bands should stays in place when you rise your arms – horizontal across your back.


Now, let’s go to your wardrobe, take a few bras and try them on. Then decide in which you fell the most comfortable and compare below.

Types of bra cups.


Prima Donna Deauville

In this design cups completely surround the boobs. The full-cup bra is usually chosen by the owner of a larger bust, but is also suitable for smaller breasts. Can give a nice shape to the breasts that have lost their firmness. The full-cup bra guarantees the breasts an attractive and round shape. These bras usually have quite wide straps and are comfortable but they are not suitable for low necklines.




This design surround boobs from below, revealing and even exposing the upper part of the breast. In such underwear, the cups reach about half of the breast and most often end above the nipples. This type it is the favorite of most women because nicely highlights shape of the boobs. It is dedicated to ladies who have smaller or larger firm breasts. It is a very universal and suitable for low necklines.


Lucky Charm

The push-up bra is stiffened with special inserts made of foam, sponge or silicone gel. Inserts are placed in a small pocket on the cups. Push-up bras have underwire that support the bust. The bra enlarges the breast optically, lifts and sexily rounds. Designed primarily for women with really small boobs. However, currently push-ups are also produced for women with larger breasts.



This model of bra is characteristic by a significant cut-off between the breasts, so that even in a low neckline will not be visible. The bridge between bra cups is located much lower than in other types of bras. Designed to expose the neckline.



This type of bra is characterized by a low-set upper edge of the cups (almost horizontally). Balconette designed to lift and expose the bust, especially large. The low cut makes our breasts look attractively. This type is the best choice for dresses with wide necklines.

Longline / half-corset

half corset


Characteristic by a wide bra belt, which looks a bit like a corset. It shapes not only the bust but also back and the sides of the body, moreover it does not have visible bra line on the back like the other models . Often used in a retro style fashion.

Sports Bra

Nike Indy

This bra provides total comfort and support bust from any workout or activity impact. Usually made from soft, breathable fabric and features moulded or wiring cups. It is worth paying attention when buying a sports bra because none of us would like to harm our boobs.



Blanche Naturel

It is a healing type of bra that prevents wrinkles between the breasts. It is mainly used during the night and maintaining a beautiful smooth cleavage. You can find more about this amazing invention at La Decollette.

Nursing bra

nursing bra

Mimi Holliday

This type it is characterized by a detachable cups, which allows you to feed your baby without take off the entire bra. It is good to invest in a perfectly matched and high-quality nursing bra. Important is to provide in this difficult period for your breast good support. Motherhood is beautiful time for women, so enjoy female figure and fuller bust, instead of worring that your boobs begin to be droopy swingers!

For all lingerie lovers ...

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Have a nice reading ... feel luxurious ...



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Nice piece of information.If it is possible, get this this information across to every woman out ther.You will be doing most a huge help. Here's a natural way of enhancing the breast---->


29/08/2019 19:46:07

Thank you very much for your opinion. It's nice to know that my advice and tips have been helpful.


27/08/2019 15:50:53

Very good info on bra size measurement. I’m damn sure that many women don’t know these things and are wearing wrong bra size.

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