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Pantyhose History. How Were Tights Invented...

31/10/2019 21:25:40


Justyna Chudzik                                                           

I’m woman, wife and mum.

Tights are my hallmark and hope to inspire others with my passion.

I’m inviting you to my world of tights, but have to warn you - this world, may turn out your world too:-)

Justyna Chudzik is an author and a fashion expert at Luxury Rose. She writes to inspire and educate readers on women's fashion. With over 2 years of writing experience, Justyna brings a lot of knowledge and practical tips to her work.


Nowadays tights are a key ingredient in a woman’s wardrobe. A long time ago a product available to the aristocracy – today available to every woman. As you already know I love possibilities given by pantyhose, but…did you ever wonder who invented tights and how someone did it? Well, I did it and this is what I found out. It wasn’t one person, one decision, one invent – it was process, series of events resulting from changes that took place in people, their needs and the surrounding world.


The beginnings of tights go back to the 11th century. Guess who used them? Not women, but men. More precisely, male aristocracy. The early tights looked more like today’s stockings and they were called hose. They were a symbol of luxury and good birth. Men used them mainly to protect against cold. Hose were made of silk, cloth and velvet. Over time hose were replaced with pants.


Revolution in the development of tights brought the 20th century. More exactly the 1920s. During these years, women began to show their legs. Thin, silk tights become a desirable accessory for women. However, the high price meant that only well-off women could afford silk tights.
Several years later, in the late 1930s, company named Du Pont introduced nylon, first synthetic fiber. Nylon was called “resistant to steel, delicate as spider’s web”. But still we’re talking about tights that look more like stockings than today’s pantyhose.
A breakthrough moment in the history of tights were “Panty-Legs”. The invention appeared in 1959 year and it was invented by Allen GantPanty-Legs were combination of stockings and panties. Unfortunately, this product wasn’t available on a massive scale.



From that moment tights didn’t have to wait long for their glory time. The changes were caused by the sexual revolution and changes in fashion, namely miniskirts. Women were more eager to expose their legs, and fashion opened them to new possibilities. Short dresses and skirts won over the sympathy of women, and tights with it. Since then, a strong bond has been established between the fashion world and the world of women. Thanks to the revolution, fashion and women have been unblocked for new, beautiful, feminine possibilities. Both sides took benefits from this, gaining completely new stylizations.


Since then every change happened quicker. That’s why lace tights appeared already in the 1980s. In the 90 s tights made of Lycra appeared. Then, microfibre was used to make tights. The next breakthrough was the 20th and 21st century when unique designs  and bold colours of tights were introduced.



It can’t be hidden that the revolutionary appearance introduced a lot of freedom to women’s clothing. We can run in our short dresses without risk of showing underwear. Moreover, we can show our shapely legs. Legs became a new symbol of female sexuality.
Thanks to every element of the tights' history, nowadays women can choose from models with additional reinforcements and seamless, shiny or matte, smooth or patterned, as well as type of hipsters ones. The Marilyn brand is guided by these diverse needs, not forgetting about the high quality.
Today, when we don’t have a problem with the availability and price of pantyhose, which are produced in so many designs, colours, patterns and sizes, we have only one dilemma  which ones to choose. Which  you will choose?

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