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#luxury summer-new tights collection

09/04/2021 17:20:22

We present the real object of desire - the new Summer collection of tights.

Thinking about the summer atmosphere filled with sensuality, the nights with meteor showers overhead and abandoning the daily routine in favor of passionate adventures, we recommend modern models beautifully made ...

Are you catching up on cultural holidays? Are you going to a concert or festival? Choose the Desire M03 model, with a striking mesh strap that gives it a "strong" character.



If, on the other hand, you want to discover a sophisticated seducer in yourself, go fo Desire M06, which looks like stockings with sexy straps. Knowing that you are wearing them will give you confidence in every situation.

Do you want to spice up your "office look”? Decide on the elegant tights Allure L06, Emmy M10 or Natti M08. These tights models will be a unique accessory for you and will make your day at work anything but boring.



Whereas luxury models designed by Patrizi Gucci from the fourth generation of the famous Florentine family i.e. Gucci  G31, Gucci G01, Gucci G30, should be kept for special occasions, because they have loads of originality and sensuality with an enormous field of fire.



Each of these models is made with care for your comfort and convenience in mind - you can count on the highest quality and accurate finish of our tights, even during the craziest and most unpredictable summer adventures.

Monika Kawka is an author and a fashion expert at Luxury Rose. She is passionate about lingerie and helping people find the perfect pieces to complement their inner beauty. Monika writes to inspire and educate readers on women's fashion.

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