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12/12/2019 17:48:33

Justyna Chudzik                                                           
I’m woman, wife and mum.
Tights are my hallmark and hope to inspire others with my passion.
I’m inviting you to my world of tights, but have to warn you - this world, may turn out your world too:-)


The colder season doesn’t mean you have to give up dresses, skirts, shorts or chafing pants. On the contrary, the ongoing season opens millions of stylish possibilities.

In sequence

  1. review the wardrobe
  2. familiarize yourself with fashion trends
  3. complete a warm wardrobe

To help you, I looked at fashion inspirations among the basics of autumn/winter wardrobe-pantyhose. This part of clothing in the autumn-winter period can’t be missing in any women's wardrobe. I checked what is fashionable and you will definitely choose something for yourself.


Classic in tights is the basis. There are days when we need elegant simplicity in our wardrobe. Smooth, black tights will work well in the autumn and winter season in official situations, but also in critical situations. The first are business meetings, official dinners or dress-code. The second is the days when you have no idea for your outfit, you are late and nothing matches. In both situations, black classic tights will be a perfect balance. My dear ladies, we never forget about these tights, you should always have at least one high-quality, new pair of smooth, black tights in your wardrobe. When you know that you will be exposed to a longer outdoor activities, choose Opaque Tights Arctica 80. This type of tights will work even during a long walk. Supposing you know that outside you’ll be briefly then enough Pantyhose Micro 60.


Unique openwork

These types of tights are for those of us who want to further emphasize their legs, character or style, but in a subdued way. Marilyn brand offers several subtle models in the spirit of this trend - Fashion Pantyhose R05, Pantyhose Grace l07, Pantyhose Grace l10.


Shining like star constellations

Stars this season are inspiration for tights. Tights that shine like star constellations are elegant, luxurious and can replace jewellery. One of my articles is devoted only to tights with shimmering crystals. Check: PANTYHOSE - YOUR NEW JEWELLERY


Imitation stockings

Something sexy for a dress or skirt? Tights imitatin stockings are perfect. Tights that look like stockings are one of the stronger trends of this season. Stockings in winter could lead you to ... a bed accompanied by fever, runny nose and cough. Marilyn offers a lot of models, thanks to which lovers or amateur stockings do not have to give them up even in the colder season. Why choose them? Because they are a real symbol of femininity, sensuality and elegance. Look at the models from Marilyn Tights Imitating Stockings Zazu R12, Pantyhose Zazu R10, Tights Imitating Stockings Zazu R – rate it yourself and find your favourite.


Fishnet tights

Fishnet stockings belong to the classics we fof women’s tights. They have been accompanying women for many years because they are timeless. Remember, however, that fishnet stockings are not suitable for autumn and winter walks. They are year-round tights for special occasions. In autumn or winter, wear them only when the time spent outside will be as short as possible. Today's trends do not forget about fishnet stockings and still leave them as a must-have woman. They add sex appeal simplicity. With more bold styles they add a predatory, rock character. Imagine fishnet stockings accompanied by a modest, simple, classic dress or fishnet stockings breaking through the worn pants. In the end of autumn or winter, we also go on dates, dinners, meetings with friends or concerts. Take a look at Fishnet Tights Charli P3, Fishnet Tights Charly or Gucci G47.


Complete your autumn/winter wardrobe

As you can see, tights designers double and triple, wanting to give you countless possibilities. From bolder, sexy, patterned, delicate to toned. You’ll definitely find a mix of courage, sex appeal, delicacy, elegance and much much more - it all depends on the situation in which you’ll find. Tights can change everything in your stylization. With a polite dress, they can make "less" polite. An ordinary dress will give character. When needed, they will add style and elegance. In a fit of madness they will also work. Tights are your feminine weapon for special tasks - use it.
You already know the 2019/2020 trends, thanks to which you will certainly choose tights that meet your expectations. Now the most pleasant activity has remained - SHOPPING

If you like my article feel free to share and of course any comment is welcome.


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