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SOS For Pantyhose - So How To Treat, Care And Repair If We Need To.

27/01/2021 16:31:52

Regardless of whether we wear tights every day or wear them occasionally, most of us – women – had them on our legs. But did you know, you can care about your tights before use and before going out?

Thus, most of us had to deal with the so-called eyelet, puff, hooked. And then what?

Another thing is - new tights, removed from the packaging, are fresh and beautiful. And what next? How to wash them? How to store? 

We can protect ourselves against many situations. In many cases, corrective or at least inhibit measures must be taken. And in some, apply the final solution. Sounds serious? Every woman knows it really is serious theme.

But… in sequence…



In addition to gentle and correct putting on tights, I have something else for you :). Well, a long time ago I read, heard that before the first use it is worth soaking the tights, put in a bag and put in the freezer for the night. Apparently, thanks to the freezing, the tights are strengthened and thus more durable. You only have to do this once. To be honest, I haven't conducted scientific research on whether the tights after freezing have reinforced fibers, but I did experimental tests. 

I'm convinced that freezing tights works. In fact, tights become more durable, but also do not lose color, are resistant to the attraction of lint, pollen and do not electrify. I've tested it many times and I recommend it.

(By the way, the face of my husband finding tights in the freezer? Priceless :))


However, if for some reason you failed to carry out the freezing process, there is plan B – Hairspray. To strengthen the tights fibres before going out, we spray them with Hairspray. Just like that. In addition, our tights will not be electrified.


Let's start with the method of putting on. Most of us like well-groomed nails. We often have longer nails. Quite often I hear from my friends: "I don't wear tights, because I destroy two pairs before put them on". Thin tights from 5 DENIER to 20 DENIER are most vulnerable to damage. Is this the tights fault? No, it's the method of putting on. We care for our bodies, massage, tap balms, so let's show our feminine delicacy also when putting on tights. We don’t stick nails into the material of the tights. We put tights on from top to bottom. When it turns out that we can't comfortably wear tights on the hips, there remains a space between our body and the material of the tights in a crotch - then we don't pull them at the hips or thighs, but lower the tights slightly a little bit and start gently stretching the material from bottom to top.

Hole in Tights



Okay, but what if the eyelet has already hit us? Let's be honest - eyelet, puff is able to spoil the effect of even the best styling. Well, then colourless nail polish saves us. A small bottle will fit in our even little purse. Apply varnish to the places where the eyelet ends, so that it doesn't move further. 

nail Polish


For thicker tights of 40 DENIER and above, puff in tights may occur and we have an unwanted piece of pantyhose on top. Remember - we never cut such a thread. The only thing we can do is pull it to the other side. I carry a needle bar with me. However, quite often I meet in women's bathrooms with a repair kit for women (needle, Hairspray, wet wipes, matting wipes).


In tights from 40 DENIER up, you'll see a hole more often than an eyelet. And believe me, the hole is very easy to sew. We choose the thread colour more or less and sew from the inside of the tights. I have a few pairs of tights that I won't buy anywhere anymore, they are from old collections and I do what I can to have them as long as possible :)


However, there are situations that cannot be saved, when the damage to the tights is significant and on a larger surface. In such moments you need to have a final plan ... a second pair of tights in your bag. Another thing is going out with friends to a pub, where a eyelet can be quite fun or even not very interesting, and another is a date, wedding, business event, official dinner. If we care about the wow effect, such a small change in our preparations as an extra pair of tights can save us. All damages, imperfections, especially in official situations, can get us off guard, take away our confidence. For what? The solution is simple :)



I wash the thin tights by hand. I wash the thicker ones in a washing machine, but in a separate bag at 30 degrees. It never happened to me that under such treatment tights were damaged.

When it comes to storage, I'm quite strict. In my world, tights must have their place. Not accidental. There. And they have. Like that:

Pantyhose shelf

And what is the most important? Always keeps the original packaging and stores all tights in them. First of all, then the tights have their place. Secondly, they are not exposed to additional damage. And thirdly, it's easy to choose styling tights.

I won’t tell you what you should do or shouldn’t, but I can share with you my experience. Hope it will help you all :)

If you like my article feel free to share and of course any comment is welcome.


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Justyna Chudzik                                                           
I’m woman, wife and mum.
Tights are my hallmark and hope to inspire others with my passion.
I’m inviting you to my world of tights, but have to warn you - this world, may turn out your world too:-)

Justyna Chudzik is an author and a fashion expert at Luxury Rose. She writes to inspire and educate readers on women's fashion. With over 2 years of writing experience, Justyna brings a lot of knowledge and practical tips to her work.

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Neil K

16/07/2020 04:06:14

He'll. I read your article on freezing tights. I just finished reading a article. That Good Housekeeping tested the theory in their lab. They tested 2 pairs of No Nonsense tights. Froze a pair, the other pair left at room temperature. Next day let the frozen pair of tights thaw out and air dry. They used a special textile tester. Both tights were just about the same. The frozen tights maybe 1% stronger. They said the time wasted freezing your tights wasn't worth the effort. Just my 2 cents. Great blog site. Stay safe. Neil K.

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