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We can enjoy the spring sunshine and summer is almost around the corner. The spring-summer period always gives me joy and an extra boost of energy. As you know, I adore tights, and the seasons do not allow boredom in this topic. Spring and summer give us new opportunities to play with tights. In the autumn and winter we wore thicker, opaque tights. Now... time for more madness. Spring is the perfect time for tights that are thinner and not opaque, but... they have this thing:). My idea for the spring - summer time - playing with tights. How to play with tights? What tights to wear in spring and summer?

Flowers are the answer!!! Flowers are spring and summer.When the first spring rays of the sun appeared, the flowers also appeared on my legs.But not just some flowers -I choose them depending on the temperature, occasion, mood, outfit or the effect I want to get.

Do you want to know more? I’ll take you  on a floral journey. Hoping it’ll be an inspiration for you.

Flowers – for cooler moments

Spring mornings or evenings aren’t very warm yet. In such moments perfect choice will be Tights Imitating Stockings Zazu P. In the morning and evening they will give warmth, and during the day they won’t scare with excessive thickness due to the lightness that flowers give them. At the same time, the floral pattern will make you look special, unique and fresh.

Zazu P

Flowers - luxurious

Spring is the perfect time for the Gucci G44 model. Despite the fact that the tights are black, the gently wrapping legs imitating flower stems and embroidered flowers mean that these tights also need to be worn in the spring. Personally, I combine them with a sea-colored oversized dress. They look insane in my opinion:). You have to try.

Gucci G44

Flowers - delicate

The Allure P9 model is associated with delicacy and purity.Thanks to these tights, your white dress will acquire a completely different expression.I combine these tights with a white, simple shirt dress.I love the combination of simple elegance with a delicate floral motif.This is the perfect choice if you want to emphasize your delicate femininity in a subtle way.

Allure P09

Flowers – slimming

Did you know this genre :-)?Thanks to the Natti M08 model you will get an additional slimming effect on your legs.This model is 2 in 1. The floral spring-summer pattern is placed on the outside, along the entire length of the legs.Long legs are women's dream, and these tights help us with this.The model is available in two colours – beige for a day and black for the evening or night.

Natti M08

Flowers - innocent or sexy?

Model Natti M07 is a fantastic proposition for women.On the one hand, floral pattern in light color, on the other it is a pattern imitating stockings. Isn't that a great combination?Each of us combines innocence with sex appeal - the perfect mix. You don’t have to choose, you can combine two feminine, beautiful natures.

     Natti M07

My floral trip is just the beginning – time for your floral ideas

Spring and summer is the time when everything that is most beautiful blooms.Bloom with tights.The floral patterns in Marilyn's proposals will help you rediscover everything that is fresh, radiant, sunny and beautiful. The flowers on the legs pay special attention, so I love when someone asks me: "where did you get such tights from?".I know then that another woman will enter my world :-) I'll try to get it, no worries.

Other spring - summer proposals soon... I invite you now and wish you creative floral ideas with Luxury Rose.



As I promised this article is a continuation. From the last one you should have already known that spring and summer is the time when you can let your imagination run wild.

Now, I want to show you tights with an application. They are your 'must have'. Forget about classic beige tights that are theoretical invisible. Leave them for occasions where you will have to use them. WHY?

Watch out for a mistake that is very often made.

The best outfit + any tights = a big mistake.

Then, you've made every effort to choose the perfect outfit, and finally you take the first better look tights? This is a mistake. Don't forget that choosing tights are as important as choosing, for example, a dress.

What does Marilyn offer? See by yourself.

Polka dots

Classic? Dots will add lightness and femininity in an elegant way to any outfit. The Allure P10 model can be used in many styles. The dots on the tights are so delicate, you don't have to worry about whether they will match your outfits. They will fit and won’t be boring. Do you see it through the eyes of the imagination? Polka dot tights can be combined with shorts or a flimsy dress or a bandage dress. Each of these options will look wonderful and unique with this model.


One of my favorite motifs - stars. The Emmy M10 may slightly emphasize the individuality of our personality in the outfit, but it can also be used in rock or '80s stylization. I remind you that the fashion of the 80's has returned. The star motif on the ankle is wonderful and essential in your wardrobe. Don't you think?


The romantic, elegant theme of hearts on the thighs is simply beautiful - model S05. Date? Meeting with a loved one? How can you better emphasize the uniqueness of such a moment? However, let's not limit ourselves. Hearts aren’t reserved only for couples in love. You can highlight, for example, all stylization with white or black dresses. Marylin offers this model of tights in three options - Beige, Black-Black and Red.


The summer version of luxury tights is definitely the S02 model. Tights are extremely feminine and again, you can match them to most stylizations. The model is elegant enough that you can wear them in official situations. Such tights will look extremely good with short, elegant shorts or with a pencil skirt. 


Emphasize your femininity

Tights are to emphasize your feminine uniqueness. On the one hand, they draw attention to our undeniable advantage - the legs, but in an unobvious way, a bit mysterious and above all distinctive.

The worst thing you can do for your outfit is to choose any, just any tights. Take a moment to choose them, try them out and you will definitely find something that will delight you and will be part of you. Tights with a motif, are an absolutely 'must have' for you!!!

This is not the end of spring and summer opportunities. Please check back soon. Hope you'll find more and more inspirations.   


If you like my article feel free to share and of course any comment is welcome.


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