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Swimwear - It's summer time so, let's do it right

11/04/2021 17:22:36

      Do you miss the warmth and sunshine? I am, very much. Comforting is the fact that soon summer will allow you to enjoy the sun, beach, lake, sea or ocean and unlimited vacation time. Preparing for this wonderful time of warm, holiday trips is, among others, choosing the perfect swimwear. This element will become necessary to create summer styling. That's why now you should choose something special for yourself.

Probably, there will be a lot of thoughts like:

'Beach? Pufff…only for models'

'I don’t have a figure for bikini'

'Bikini? Yes, but 10 years ago'

'Beach and freedom? Yes, but for teenagers'

These are all bullshit that is forming in the heads of women. We are attacked from all sides with information about the beauty of a woman. Everyone around knows better what female beauty is. Beautiful? So what? Looking like you and you and you and you and me too. 

Also, despite what the media, newspapers and the internet attack us, a swimwear is for each of us. All you need to do, is to choose the right cut to fit your body shape.

Below are a few tips that will help you make your choice. Do you want to feel like a goddess? First of all, reject all illogical, imposed from the outside, imposed by others senseless restrictions. Look at you with a friendly eye. Don’t judge yourself only negatively. Look at yourself realistically. Look at your body strengths and weaknesses – rationally and without excessive criticism. Now it’s time to choose a swimwear for the goddess! Remember things are for us, not the other way.


Self-confidence will help you find your style. Stand in front of the mirror in your underwear and rate what you like about yourself. Big breasts? Long legs? Waist? Each of us has many advantages, which must be emphasized in the summer. Let’s not let others tell us what we can and can’t do, what suits us and what doesn’t, what we are or what we don’t. You don’t have to be a model to feel extra in a bikini. The best decoration is a smile and confidence. Do you know your strengths yet? Let’s go further.


Determining this requires some analysis. Judge for yourself what shape your body has. Thanks to this, when choosing a bikini you will be able to feel confident and comfortable.


apple body shape

APPLE - body features: broad shoulders, outlined belly, larger breasts, narrow hips, slim legs.

pear body shape

PEAR - body features: narrow shoulders, smaller bust, extended lower part of the silhouette, i.e. quite wide hips, prominent buttocks, rounded thighs.

Pepper body shape

PEPPER - body features: a boy's figure, broad shoulders, flat stomach, low-rise bottom, poorly marked waist, small or medium bust, long legs.

cepsydra body shape

CLEPSYDRA - body features: slim waist, wider hips, prominent bust.


1 - Swimwear for Apples

What we want to highlight:
- prominent bust
- slim legs
- slim hips

What do we want to divert attention from:
- outlined stomach

The best way to achieve this are one-piece swimsuit or high waist bikini bottom. Thanks to this slim leg will be underlined and lengthened. The bust won’t lose, on the contrary, it will be exposed. The belly will be hidden under the material of a one-piece swimsuit or high waist bikini bottom.

High Waist Bikini Bottom Yvett

Swimsuit Blast

High Waist Bikini Bottom Haiti

2 - Swimwear for Pears

What we want to highlight:
- slim waist
- feminine hips

What do we want to divert attention from:
- the difference in the ratio between hips and shoulders
- small breasts

What we need to pay attention to in the case of a pear-type figure is to equalize the proportion between the upper body and the lower part. In this situation, the bottom should preferably be one-coloured, preferably dark, and the top should be crazy. A push-up bra is also suitable here. The colours allowed above all are bright, vivid, conspicuous, with large patterns, with frills, etc.

Push-up Bikini Positano

Push-up Bikini Casablanca 2

Bikini Nadia

 3 - Swimwear for Pepper

 What we want to highlight:

- slim figure
- flat belly
- bust
- slim legs

What do we want to divert attention from:
- no waist

 In the case of a pepper-type figure, we try to emphasize all female elements. Optically round the hips with panties with tied stripes. If you have a smaller bust, valance, bright colours, large patterns is recommended. If you have a larger bust, the colours are optional.Take care of the bra shape that will properly support your bust. A pepper-type figure can afford patterned panties, because there is no danger that it will emphasize the hips too much.This is what it is about - displaying the bust and hips.

Bikini Set Nicole

Two Piece Swimwear Rio

Bikini Set Barbados

4 - Swimwear for Clepsydra

What we want to highlight:

- bust
- waist
- hips

What do we want to divert attention from:
- ???

If you are the lucky one who has an hourglass type figure, you can put on any swimsuit model and you will look phenomenal. It is thanks to the perfect proportions of your body. You are a lucky person who can wear almost anything on the beach and arouse widespread admiration.

Triangle Bikini Emma

Triangle Bikini Zanzibar

Bikini Havana


The right cut and colour is one thing. The type of fabric and the cuts are another thing to pay attention during your choice.

Large breasts require proper support, so you'll feel better in a bikini with underwire, classic straps and a stable bra fastening. Remember that all the dark shades visually reduce the body.

Small breasts will love push-up and all bright, pastel shades, large expressive geometric or floral patterns and all types of frills.


Do you already have the perfect swimsuit? Great, now complete the styling. On the beach it is worth having a few elements that ill also make us look divine. Beach skirts, beach bags, sunglasses, hats and flip flops are elements that are needed, but also make up the whole.


Regardless of what type of figure you represent, you can look sexy, phenomenal and feminine. The swimsuit has ceased to be only a piece of clothing designed exclusively for swimming and sunbathing – a properly selected one can significantly affect the whole figure, masking defects and enhancing the qualities.

Women, let us be ourselves. Let's feel free regardless of whether we are going to the swimming pool or we will spend time on the seaside beach. The Luxury Rose online store offers such a rich proposition that each of us will choose a swimwear in a suitable pattern, colour, size and style.

I wish all women a healthy approach to the body and its appearance. Let's change what we can, accept what we can't change. We are beautiful and no media, newspapers and the Internet will take this away from us. Let us be beautiful always, on the beach, on the pool, on the terrace, where we will expose our beauty on warm days in a wonderfully selected bikini.

Do you feel the rays of the sun? I feel and start looking for a swimwear so that my holidays won't surprise me.

If you like my article feel free to share and of course any comment is welcome.


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