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Valentine's Day Lingerie Gift Guide

27/01/2021 16:35:06

Valentine's Day Lingerie Gift Guide

Christmas madness is over and after a blissful rest, left only memories, but let's not be sad, because we are facing another year of great excitement. Certainly in the world of underwear! Saint Valentine's Day is coming soon, the most romantic day of the year. Unfortunately, often Valentine's Day comes with such pressure. The pressure to be romantic, buy the right thing, do the right thing, and we don't always succeed. Therefore, read, watch and choose the best lingerie for Valentine's Day.

Have you decided what to do and what to wear? Whether you are buying Valentine's Day Lingerie as a gift or delighting your partner, I will try to inspire you. For Valentine's Day 2020, we choose the most romantic lingerie from one of the best brands on the market to support you on this special day. Here is the best selection of gift ideas in the category Sexy lingerie from Marilyn Poupee.

1. Lace Bodysuit Ines 34

If you're looking for unique Valentine Day Lingerie with a hint of spiciness, then Bodysuit Ines will be perfect. The beautiful lace ensures proper transparency, and even the most demanding observers like the original back. It is a bodysuit suitable for romantic evenings as well as a top for party creation.

2. Long Sleeve Bodysuit Diamond 47€

This gorgeous black Diamond Teddy is the quintessential Valentine’s Day Lingerie piece. It is crafted from a transparent tulle that conforms to your body to create a sexy, tight fit.
Bodysuit is sprinkled with Swarovski crystals, giving this creation a truly luxurious feel. The transparency of this teddy will definitely heat any atmosphere. With the right bra, it's perfect for Valentine's Day night out. The crystals glitter beautifully in the disco lights.

3. A Push-Up Bra Lucky Charm 37

If you want to gift your girl some sexy lingerie that is unique and comfortable bra. A push-up bra fastened in front with rose-gold clasp, underwire cups for perfect support and a triangle lace element decorating back. Being comfortable while looking sexy is the best what you can expect from lingerie.

4. Lingerie Set Alice 39€

This black bra with beautiful gold print from Marilyn Poupee supports and enhances your bust at the same time for a sexy and secure finish. It is crafted from printed microfiber and the knitted stripes. The whole catches the eye and the design provides comfort.

On the bottom fuller thongs with wide sides. Perfectly matched set, toned and very sexy at the same time.

5. Padded Bra Candy 36

This bra is available in pink, classic Valentine’s Day colour. It is perfect for extra support and highlighting the bust. The bra includes underwire to lift your bust and the beautiful pattern draws flattering attention to your cleavage. Ladies with larger breasts will feel great in this bra. You can also choose perfectly matching panties in a classical form or thong with wider sides for a more spicy style!

6. Bra Santana 30€

Sometimes all you want in a bra is a beautiful embroidered design. Classic black in this version provides an original and elegant look. If you want something really special to choose as a Valentine’s Day gift, the Santana bra will be the perfect choice. Panties perfectly match this set.

7. Lingerie Set Gold Orchid 47

My next choice in black speaks for itself. An eye-catching set suitable for any occasion. This padded bra with a gold embroidery has perfectly formed the bust and gives a truly luxurious look. It’s fine fabrics give this set an incredibly decadent feel. In a set, you find briefs with a classic cut, they fantastically emphasize the buttocks and hip lines.

8. Sexy Panties Easy 17

This special panties are incredibly sexy. Thanks to the middle cut in the back they are truly Valentine's panties. I'm sure your partners will have a problem to resist!
The panties themselves are made of the highest quality lace. Finished with a cotton insert in the front to prevent transparency. They are very comfortable and can be used every day. They look absolutely stunning.

9. Thong Rihanna 17

Beautiful embroidery makes this proposal perfect for Valentine's Day. The play of colors and quality of workmanship makes these thongs perfect in every aspect.
Skimpy cut knickers with a classic crotch and beautifully decorated back will make any woman feel sexy. A beautifully made bra is also available.

10. V-Neckline Bodysuit Edith 30

Finally, I return to the bodysuit because the versatility of these clothes is useful in every situation and certainly for Valentine's Day it can be useful. Bodysuit Edith is a model in which you will feel confident. Thanks to the envelope construction, you'll reveal the neckline in combination with exposed arms gives this creation a truly sexy look. If you're going to a romantic dinner or an evening walk, the bodysuit will comfort you.

Valentine's Day is a special day, don't waste it! Shop today and intimidate the chosen ones.

   Monika Kawka

Monika Kawka is an author and a fashion expert at Luxury Rose. She is passionate about lingerie and helping people find the perfect pieces to complement their inner beauty. Monika writes to inspire and educate readers on women's fashion.

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