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Lingerie Set Diane

34,00 €

"Diane" set is a soft bikini lingerie in French style.

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Lingerie Set Diane

Lingerie Set Diane

Current price: 34,00 €

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This unusual skimpy cut set of underwear will make your appearance take on a new dimension. Extremely sexy and attractive, you certainly will not go past him without noticing.

Diana (Roman goddess of hunting and wildlife) - soft bikini lingerie in French style. Perfect for colour connoisseurs looking for new sensations. Made of colourful embroidery with an exotic motif (a hummingbird hovering over a flower calyx). The foundation of the embroidery is in the colour of a neon orange, while the thread is an effusion of colours: vivid pink, lime and turquoise. A strong accent is given by a lime-coloured elastic with a transparent structure that keeps the bra in the circumference. The clasp is made of microfibre with two settings. Mini bows in orange and lime colour give a cute look to this lingerie. Smooth, delicate shoulder-straps match the shade of the orange embroidery base. This piece of women's underwear is recommended for small and medium breasts.

Diana thong - skimpy, sexy and light as a feather ... they burst with colours. Lime elastic around the hips lightly encircles the body without pressure. It looks interesting emerging from under clothing and contrasting with the body. Mini bows in the colour of lime and orange decorate the skimpy thong.

We work with European fashion houses where quality standards are carefully selected and production is under strict control. Lingerie to be proud of.

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                                                                                     Bras MARILYN
 Euro Size65707580859095100105
 UK  Size303234363840424446
Underbust  CM63-6768-7273-7778-8283-8788-9293-9798-102103-107
Underbust IN"24,8"-26.3"26.7"-28,3"28,7"-30,3"30,7"-32,2"32,6"-34,2"34,6"-36,2"36,6"-38,1"38,5"-40,1"40,5"-42,1"

Cup Size

A (cm)77-7982-8487-8992-9497-99102-104107-109112-114117-119
A (in")30,3"-31,1"32,2"-33"34,2"-35"36,2"-37"38,1"-38,9"40,1"-40,9"42,1"-42,9"44"-44,8"46"-46,8"
B (cm)79-8184-8689-9194-9699-101104-106109-111114-116119-121
B (in")31,1"-31,8"33"-33,8"35"-35,8"37"-37,7"38,9"-39,7"40,9"-41,7"42,9"-43,7"44,8"-45,6"46,8"-47,6"
C (cm)81-8386-8891-9396-98101-103106-108111-113116-118121-123
C (in")31,8"-32,6"33,8"-34,6"35,8"-36,6"37,7"-38,5"39,7"-40,5"41,7"-42,5"43,7"-44,4"45,6"-46,4"47,6"-48,4"
D (cm)83-8588-9093-9598-100103-105108-110113-115118-120123-125
D (in")32,6"-33,4"34,6"-35,4"36,6"-37,4"38,5"-39,3"40,5"-41,342,5"-43,3"44,4"-45,2"46,4"-47,2"48,4"-49,2"
E (cm)85-8790-9295-97100-102105-107110-112115-117120-122125-127
DD (in")33,4"-34,2"35,4"-36,2"37,4"-38,1"39,3"-40,1"41,3"-42,1"43,3"-44"45,2"-46"47,2"-48"49,2"-50"
F (cm)87-8992-9497-99102-104107-109112-114117-119122-124127-129
UK-E (in")34,2"-35"36,2"-37"38,1"-38,9"40,1"-40,9"42,1"42,9"44"-44,8"46"-46.8"48"-48,8"50"-50.7"
G (cm)89-9194-9699-101104-106109-111114-116119-121124-126129-131
UK-F (in")35"-35,8"37"-37,7"38.9"-39,1"40,9"-41,7"42,9"-43,7"44,8"-45,6"46,8"-47,6"48,8"-49.6"50,7"-51,5"
H (cm)91-9396-98101-103106-108111-113116-118121-123126-128131-133
FF (in")35,8"-36,6"37,7"-38,5"39,1"-40,5"41,7"-42,5"43,7"-44,4"45,6"-46,4"47,6"-48,4"49,6"-50,3"51,5"-52,3"
I (cm)    93-95    98-100  103-105   108-110  113-115  118-120  123-125  128-130  133-135
UK- G (in")36,6"-37,4"38,5"-39,3"40,5"-41,3"42,5"-43,3"44,4"-45,2"46,4"-47,2"48,4"-49,2"50,3"-51,1"52,3"-53,1"

Underwear Poupee
SizeS (34/36)          M (38/40)           L (42/44)         XL (46/48)       XXL (50/52)
UK 6810 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 
Underbust   CM78-8282-8686-9090-9494-9898-102102-106106-110110-114114-118
Underbust    IN"30,7"-32,2"32,2"-33,8"33,8"-35,4"35,4"-37"37"-38,5"38,5"-40,1"40,1"-41,7"41,7"-43,3"43,3-44,8"44,8"-46,4"
Waist          CM62-6666-7070-7474-7878-8282-8686-9090-9494-9898-102
Waist           IN"24,4"-25,9"25,9"-27,5"27,5"-29,1"29,1"-30,7"30,7"-32,2"32,2"-33,8"33,8"-35,4"35,4"-37"37"-38,5"38,5"-40,1"
Hips            CM84-8888-9292-9696-100100-104104-108108-112112-116116-120120-124
Hips            IN"33"-34,6"34,6"-36,2"36,2"-37,7"37,7"-39,3"39,3"-40,9"40,9"-42,5"42,5"-44"44"-45,6"45,6"-47,2"47,2-48,8"

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Lingerie Set Diane

Lingerie Set Diane

"Diane" set is a soft bikini lingerie in French style.

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