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Lingerie Set No More

47,00 €

This unique lingerie set is breathtaking.

Do not hesitate, just check how it's on You.

You will be surprised how this set of underwear works at men.

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Lingerie Set No More

Lingerie Set No More

Current price: 47,00 €

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"Lingerie Set No More" ...- an underwire bra with a "fashion" character - the "blush" type cup, in a natural shade, is covered by black tulle creating a two-tone. Black ribbons divide the cup into sections. The bra is fastened at the front with a strong gold magnet with the company's logo. The most impressive is the decorative back of the bra, made of narrow shoulder-straps that come to a single point. This layout beautifully adorns and slims the back. It should be exposed with transparent blouses or with back necklines.

A great attribute of this lingerie set is the possibility to choose separate sizes.

Composition: 75% Polyamide 15% Elastane 10% Cotton

An original brief that has interlacing straps over the buttocks. The front is made of scalloped lace decorating the groins.

These incredibly sexy knickers delight every man!!!

Composition: 75% polyamide, 15% elastane, 10% cotton

We work with European fashion houses where quality standards are carefully selected and production is under strict control. Lingerie to be proud of.

Scroll left or right to saw all size guide
                                                                                     Bras MARILYN
 Euro Size65707580859095100105
 UK  Size303234363840424446
Underbust  CM63-6768-7273-7778-8283-8788-9293-9798-102103-107
Underbust IN"24,8"-26.3"26.7"-28,3"28,7"-30,3"30,7"-32,2"32,6"-34,2"34,6"-36,2"36,6"-38,1"38,5"-40,1"40,5"-42,1"

Cup Size

A (cm)77-7982-8487-8992-9497-99102-104107-109112-114117-119
A (in")30,3"-31,1"32,2"-33"34,2"-35"36,2"-37"38,1"-38,9"40,1"-40,9"42,1"-42,9"44"-44,8"46"-46,8"
B (cm)79-8184-8689-9194-9699-101104-106109-111114-116119-121
B (in")31,1"-31,8"33"-33,8"35"-35,8"37"-37,7"38,9"-39,7"40,9"-41,7"42,9"-43,7"44,8"-45,6"46,8"-47,6"
C (cm)81-8386-8891-9396-98101-103106-108111-113116-118121-123
C (in")31,8"-32,6"33,8"-34,6"35,8"-36,6"37,7"-38,5"39,7"-40,5"41,7"-42,5"43,7"-44,4"45,6"-46,4"47,6"-48,4"
D (cm)83-8588-9093-9598-100103-105108-110113-115118-120123-125
D (in")32,6"-33,4"34,6"-35,4"36,6"-37,4"38,5"-39,3"40,5"-41,342,5"-43,3"44,4"-45,2"46,4"-47,2"48,4"-49,2"
E (cm)85-8790-9295-97100-102105-107110-112115-117120-122125-127
DD (in")33,4"-34,2"35,4"-36,2"37,4"-38,1"39,3"-40,1"41,3"-42,1"43,3"-44"45,2"-46"47,2"-48"49,2"-50"
F (cm)87-8992-9497-99102-104107-109112-114117-119122-124127-129
UK-E (in")34,2"-35"36,2"-37"38,1"-38,9"40,1"-40,9"42,1"42,9"44"-44,8"46"-46.8"48"-48,8"50"-50.7"
G (cm)89-9194-9699-101104-106109-111114-116119-121124-126129-131
UK-F (in")35"-35,8"37"-37,7"38.9"-39,1"40,9"-41,7"42,9"-43,7"44,8"-45,6"46,8"-47,6"48,8"-49.6"50,7"-51,5"
H (cm)91-9396-98101-103106-108111-113116-118121-123126-128131-133
FF (in")35,8"-36,6"37,7"-38,5"39,1"-40,5"41,7"-42,5"43,7"-44,4"45,6"-46,4"47,6"-48,4"49,6"-50,3"51,5"-52,3"
I (cm)    93-95    98-100  103-105   108-110  113-115  118-120  123-125  128-130  133-135
UK- G (in")36,6"-37,4"38,5"-39,3"40,5"-41,3"42,5"-43,3"44,4"-45,2"46,4"-47,2"48,4"-49,2"50,3"-51,1"52,3"-53,1"

Underwear Poupee
SizeS (34/36)          M (38/40)           L (42/44)         XL (46/48)       XXL (50/52)
UK 6810 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 
Underbust   CM78-8282-8686-9090-9494-9898-102102-106106-110110-114114-118
Underbust    IN"30,7"-32,2"32,2"-33,8"33,8"-35,4"35,4"-37"37"-38,5"38,5"-40,1"40,1"-41,7"41,7"-43,3"43,3-44,8"44,8"-46,4"
Waist          CM62-6666-7070-7474-7878-8282-8686-9090-9494-9898-102
Waist           IN"24,4"-25,9"25,9"-27,5"27,5"-29,1"29,1"-30,7"30,7"-32,2"32,2"-33,8"33,8"-35,4"35,4"-37"37"-38,5"38,5"-40,1"
Hips            CM84-8888-9292-9696-100100-104104-108108-112112-116116-120120-124
Hips            IN"33"-34,6"34,6"-36,2"36,2"-37,7"37,7"-39,3"39,3"-40,9"40,9"-42,5"42,5"-44"44"-45,6"45,6"-47,2"47,2-48,8"

I recommend

Placed my first order online with Luxury Rose was very pleased and recived my order on time. The No More set is lovely, high quality and worth the price. Would go agein :)

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    Lingerie Set No More

    Lingerie Set No More

    This unique lingerie set is breathtaking.

    Do not hesitate, just check how it's on You.

    You will be surprised how this set of underwear works at men.

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